We combine new powertrains with classic car charm

We Believe in
Classic Car Ownership
Without the Hassle

We can convert your classic car to run on electric, giving you the charm of owning a unique period piece without the hassle and costs associated with owning classic cars, especially around parts that need to be constantly shipped in from abroad, or older components breaking down in the harsher climate we have.

We are experts in the field. Having experience in the sector and having converted cars ourselves, we have gathered the best talent in the UAE to deliver a unique local solution to the market.

How it Works

Remove Engine

We remove the engine and drivetrain components to allow all oils to be drained out. We also use this time to scan the interior to begin design of the EV drivetrain.

Switch For Motor

We install the motor into the drivetrain, clean up the vehicle and ready it for the conversion process.

Install Drivetrain Systems

We finally install that shiny new motor into your vehicle! We also take time to assess the rest of the vehicle to see if your car needs upgrades to merge well with the new drivetrain, like weight distribution, handling and cornering.

Featured Events

We have had our conversions displayed at several events including some famous in the local car scene.
Salman is an Engineer with a deep desire to transform mobility to electric in the region with prolific experience in the field of electric vehicles for over 6 years.  Salman is the Chief Product Officer for EV LAB, the omnichannel retail concept by Chalhoub that aims to bring a selection of electric vehicles to consumers of the UAE and also Co-Founder of FUSE, an exciting concept that converts classic cars to electric.

Through strategic partnerships, consulting, community engagement, engineering and market leadership, our companies are laying the groundwork for the dramatic changes are we are bearing fruit of the region. Being in the UAE for over 25years, he has a deep connection to the UAE and has first hand witnessed the changes in transforming this city into the regional hub of the MENA region and increasingly the beacon of sustainability.
An engineer by trade, he has worked in several industries after his Masters in Engineering from Imperial College in London, and with experience in the aviation industry, construction and glazing, and lastly with electric vehicle and infrastructure. He was the first private owner in the UAE of the Renault Zoe in 2016, having driven more than 6 years exclusively with electric vehicles and having covered more than 200,000km within the UAE fully electric. He worked at EVERA in early 2019 to promote sustainable solutions to the adoption of Electric Vehicles, and then EV LAB to scale the startup to achieve scale and developing their product and has recently completed the first UAE-made long range EV conversion of a classic VW beetle. Salman also serves as a member of the Future Mobility Club (FMC), a Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC) initiative focused on raising awareness and encouraging collaboration within the regional mobility sector to drive change.

Salman Hussain
CEO & Co-Founder

Mihai is a Director of IT in Aviation Industry, and also a Co-Founder of FUSE, an exciting concept that converts classic cars to electric.

As an Electrical Engineer that followed a career into IT, he's passionate about technology and he believes the electric driven transportation is the next logical step in mobility.  
In UAE for more than 7 years, he sees this place as a technological hub that could lead mobility and sustainability into the future through example.

After his studies in Electrical Engineering and Artificial Intelligence, he has worked for different industries in Romania and UAE gaining deep technical IT expertise in design and analysis tools which helped recently complete the first UAE-made long range EV conversion of a classic VW Beetle.  

His goal is to promote reusability of yesterday’s efforts upcycled to tomorrow’s technologies.

Mihai Stumbea
CTO & Co-Founder

We design a car that suits your needs

"Designing a classic car to run on electric is an art form and we aim to extend the life of your classic car by giving it a new sustainable lease of life"

What We Do

We love cars and we enjoy sharing the experience of motoring with you, our customer! Everything we do is focused on making it a pleasure to take out your EV to drive daily.

Design & Engineering

100% Emirati made We do all of our design and engineering right here in the UAE

Car Performance

Our cars can be daily driven but you also expect more performance than stock

CO2 for Driving

EV's generate a lot less CO2 for driving, and we source components to minimise our footprint.

Get in Touch

Reach out to us! If you would like us to work on your car, or simply have a chat about conversions, just give us a call or send us a email.
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